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Folding Yoga Mat

Yoga & Wellness

Yoga practice is the balance between stability and mobility. Learn how to move your body to build the strength you need to overcome any challenge. Includes Mobility and flexibility work to open up to the world of moving pain-free.


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Yoga Anatomy Academy

Learn the joys of how your body works!

The Bones and Basics of Yoga Anatomy and Muscles Plus Workshop (beginners welcome). The class is geared towards yoga and movement professionals who want to review and deepen their understanding of human anatomy. No previous knowledge of anatomy is required.

This workshop will cover the following topic to enhance your anatomy knowledge and deepen your practice. With all this knowledge you’ll be able to learn to adapt any pose for any student! The class will take place over zoom and you can ask as many questions as you like during this time.

Hire an anatomy teacher for your next Yoga Instructor Training. Going Live online or in person!

Andi Jakowlew, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner at Osteopathy With Andi
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