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About the Fantastic Feet Program

Finding Inspiration in Every Step

Our popular Fantastic Yoga Foot Program is now available as an online Live class over Zoom, running in 6 week sessions. Join in for a specialized yoga class geared towards building a strong foundation with your feet! If you suffer from any type of ache or pain in the foot, ankle, knee or hips, this class was designed lovingly for you! This class teaches you comprehensive massaging techniques to relieve tension in tight areas around the feet and ankles, stability & strengthening exercises, as well as therapeutic stretching & yoga.

Class will runs every Monday at 6:30 PM EST, with the next session starting November 8th..

As an extra special bonus you are welcomed into the foot yoga Facebook Community to learn more about the importance of feet, learn about shoe options and lifestyle changes, connect with others and view past recordings!


Read below for more info and pricing options.

Areas of Focus

Balance Issues
Heel Pain
Sore Feet
Plantar Fasciitis



Price for 1 person

$90 +hst for 6 weeks

$15/class + Lifetime membership to foot yoga community 

Family + Friends

Price for 2 or more members of one household 

$120+ hst for 6 weeks

$10 each/class + 1 facebook membership

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